The Catholic Directory above contains a database of the Catholic Church in Canada. In searching, the following guidelines will be helpful.

1. When searching for a church, use either a search by parish name or by city.

2. In searching by parish name, only the significant part of the name should be used. Omit Saint or St., as they will cause errors.

3. Where an accent might occur, either use it, or use % as a wildcard substitute. This applies to both parish names and parish cities. For example, Montreal should be searched under Montr%al as some spellings include the accent, others do not.

4. Because listings change frequently, I can offer no assurance that any listing will be correct at any given date. If you detect an error, please inform the webmaster to have a correction made.


The Informational links listed above were operational at the time of entry, and are regularly monitored. However, from time to time they are outdated or changed. I wish to thank those who have worked on the informational sites listed above.

Saint Anthony's Cyberguide was the first Canadian Catholic Directory on the web. Webmasters are welcome to link to the entire site, but are requested to avoid making separate links to individual portions of the site.