Football predictions are the basis for your betting. There will always be time to worry about the odds we will choose, whether we will make combined bets or other aspects. But the main thing is to visualise event by event and consider what is going to happen. To do this, we will use the information we have at hand at the time. 

A good formula that works is to consult football predictions on websites with forecasts. Over time you will be able to set them yourself, but it doesn’t hurt to get a little help at the beginning. 

You will be able to make football predictions for all the matches you can think of. This “template” will be basic for all football events, and with small adaptations for all events of any sport. You will have to prioritise some aspects over others, but broadly speaking it will suffice.

Head-to-head history for the best football predictions

When you want to establish such football predictions, it will be of great importance that you look at what happened the last few times the two teams met. Obviously, this will be especially relevant in competitions such as the Spanish and English leagues and all those involving regularity, but less so in European competitions, as the clashes will be more frequent. In the Champions League, two teams may meet every few years, whereas normally in La Liga they will meet every year.

When making your football predictions in these cases look at fixtures where home/ away and competition match, and then you can look at the overall head-to-heads, also looking at away matches or matches in other competitions (in the background). This data will be important as far as the overall form of the season is concerned. If last year Betis were 4th and won 2-0 against Sevilla who were 8th, but this year the ranking is the other way around… but this brings us to the next point!

Moment of form… very important!

The generic level of the teams and the track record is very important in football match predictions, but you can’t forget this year’s form. I mean, if Barcelona used to be 1st or 2nd and Granada was in a difficult area and Barcelona has won the last 4 games at home, but this year Barcelona is going very badly and Granada is a revelation team… question it.

Of course, the team and the experience count, but the moment of form at that moment is very relevant. For this, you should look at the following data:

  • Goals scored and conceded (home and away).
  • Matches won, lost and drawn.
  • Who they have played against.
  • Significant differences at home and away.
  • Contrast with other seasons.

Some data such as goals for and against can also be very useful if you have a clear result and want to look for parallel odds, such as total goals or possible handicap bets.

Player-by-player football predictions

Soccer football tackle moment. Skill of tackling in soccer game. Two footballers in a duel. Running school age boys. Kids kicking soccer ball on grass pitch

If you want to be able to make a very fine tuning, you will have to look directly at the data of each player, especially the strikers (or main scorers), the goalkeeper or those who have been cautioned the most. First of all, because an absence of the main scorer or of a player with a lot of experience can be a determining factor in football predictions, as well as an injury to the goalkeeper, for example. At the same time, it can show you new possible bets, such as goal scorer or keeping a clean sheet… Don’t waste it!

There are multiple factors that affect your football predictions, and the trick is to know which ones are most important at any given moment. And, for that, there is no choice but experience. It will simply come from registration and trial and error, supported by welcome offers, for example. In the first phase, guides to each league can be of great help to you.

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