While it’s important to lay a shared foundation for all types of online betting, it never hurts to go the extra mile with some football betting tips. 

So, if I already have some knowledge in the world of betting, what should I look at before betting on football, and what tips can I use to get closer to excellence? This would be the ‘checklist’:

  1. Make a sketch: If you already have some knowledge of football, which is the “0 tip” for betting, before an event you will make a prediction of a match. A Barça-Granada in La Liga? A comfortable home win comes to mind. Madrid-Atletico? A low-scoring, tight match, but with a slight home advantage. This first image is fundamental but not enough.
  2. Contrast with the odds: Look at the odds of the first predictions that come to your mind. If they are too low, they probably won’t interest you and if they are outrageously high, you might miss some data. However, these first two football betting tips at first glance do not exempt you from what we list below. 
  3. Statistics for betting: The best football betting tips we can give you is to have as detailed statistics as possible. What would this include? Last games of those matches at that stadium, games won and lost, goals for and against, goal difference… If you base your bets on data, you will be much more confident.
  4. Tips for betting on football players: There is a misconception that in tennis you bet on players and in football you bet on teams… but you don’t have to stay there! Don’t hesitate to bet on which players will be carded or score… always bearing in mind the above points. 
  5. Forget your preferences. Remember that you are betting on who you think will win, not who you want. Don’t forget that you are betting to win money, you are not expressing your wishes but your predictions. 

Football betting tips: use mathematics

If you want to succeed with football betting in the long run, you have to use mathematics. But wait, don’t close this article, they are very simple. It will simply be based on defining a probability for your football bet and transforming the odds it has into a probability. The trick to betting football on this line is to see if the probability is higher than the odds. 

For example, a win at 1.50 is 66.6%, you think it’s a 50% chance? You don’t bet there! You think it’s 75%? Go ahead! To know this percentage you must divide 100 by the odds (100/1.5=66.6%). Now you can put the five points above together with this mathematical statistic and you will be very confident.

The basics of sports betting

Football Wallpapers Best of football pitch a¤ 4k hd desktop wallpaper for 4k ultra hd tv

So far we have seen specific tips or tricks for football, but as we have already mentioned, the basics will be common to most sports betting. It doesn’t hurt to review them:

  • Keep a cool head: Think that the most likely outcome is not always going to happen. Hence the importance of thinking long term. Sometimes the least likely will happen or there will be surprises, but the thought should be: What would happen if I did that in the long run? Take the long view, don’t bet “to compensate” after a bad bet.
  • Don’t bet on what you don’t know, although if you’re interested in football betting tips we’re guessing that won’t be the case. 
  • Manage your budget well. You can read a thousand articles about your bankroll, how to set your stake, but that would be way off topic. Simply calculate what budget you have available (always apart from your daily needs) and how much you want to bet during the week or month.
  • Bet at 100% of your ability: Avoid betting to hide a bad state of mind or if for any other reason you don’t have your faculties intact?

Take advantage of bonuses and welcome offers. It’s not just about taking advantage of these free football bets, you should also use them strategically. Bear in mind that there will be events that are more risky to bet on or more unpredictable than others. Although we recommend that you look for the safest bets possible… use them when there is room for doubt!

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