As soon as you log on to an online casino site you are immediately slammed with banners of a rich welcome offer and hundreds of images of slots. But not everyone likes slots, and there is an increasing tendency to return to the great classics, such as roulette and BlackJack, especially with the arrival of the innovative live tables.

Those who want to try something new, because they are tired of slots and roulette, however, can turn to the card games that are becoming more and more popular with various operators. The choice of so-called card games, in fact, has grown a lot in recent times and attracts more and more curious players who want something different, exciting and with a lot of adrenaline.

Casinos where you can find card games

The classic virtual games, in fact, taste very fake and do not give an adrenaline and experience even close to a real dealer table with which you can interact.

If you’re looking for a site with live tables, you’ll be happy to know, by now, all or almost all operators offer them, but some offer a wider choice than others. Here are three of the best live online casinos:

  • Eurobet, the site with perhaps the best choice of all
  • 888 an innovative portal with many exclusive games
  • StarCasino with bonuses and offers dedicated to live games
  • Bwin on which you can find the great classics of Italian history such as Briscola, scala 40 and others.

There are many others, but these are among the most popular among enthusiasts and experts.

The 10 best card games at the casino are:

Live BlackJack

The most loved of all is, without a shadow of a doubt, BlackJack, which has conquered more and more players since the arrival of the live casino, where it is an unfailing table. If you’ve heard of it but don’t know how it works and want to discover the rules, details and variations, you can read our guide to online blackjack.

If you tried it years ago and then forgot about it, you will be amazed by the great variety now offered on AAMS sites: there are so many versions, with a single or infinite deck, VIP or surrender, in short, BlackJack can be found in all its forms.

The most exciting part, however, is the live game, when you have a real dealer in front of you and it feels like being in a real casino. For this reason, one of the best sites to try, where you can find plenty of variations and great promotions.

Casino Hold’Em

We said there would be no Texas holdem poker in the rankings, but casinos couldn’t help but adapt such a popular game to their own tables and offer it to their players. Thus was born Casino Hold’Em, which is very reminiscent of poker, with many rules, scores and rounds that are practically identical, but with small variations such as the fact that you bet against the dealer and the other players are not your opponents. In addition, the bets are fixed, made before the game to enter, as well as 2 rounds during the game to see the flop and finally the result.

Despite the fact that casinos have removed bluffing, Casino Hold’em has appealed to those looking for a game similar to poker, but faster and easier to play. In fact, shortly after its appearance on a large scale, live tables arrived and attracted even more people. One of the best sites where you can also find many live Texas Casino Holdem tables is the Snai casino, which you can access here.


There is no Italian who has never heard of scopa. It is a classic card game in which a deck of 40 cards is used and can be played by 2 to 6 players.

The rules are simple, the dynamics high and the adrenalin high. You play with Neapolitan cards and Settebello, Primiera, Denari and Carte are the ones that give you the 4 points to win. But that’s not enough, because if you manage to make a sweep during the game you have an additional point that could overturn the result.

Since it is difficult to get together with friends, many people have rediscovered classic online scopa and even the version offered by some casinos. In online gambling halls, you can find both the traditional and the jackpot variants. Here you can see games and bonuses.

Golden Baccarat

Baccarat is a traditional French game also called Punto Banco, which has quickly won millions of fans around the world. It is obviously also available in AAMS casinos, where it has been proposed in many variations, the most noteworthy of which are Golden and No Commission baccarat.

This game, despite being simple, is very exciting and full of adrenaline, with a hint of strategy – if you want to find out more about it, read our complete baccarat guide. The player, in this case, bets on a position that they believe will win the bank, the player (called the tip) or the egalité, i.e. the draw. Once he has placed his bet, the dealer deals the cards and the winner is revealed.

Obviously, given the ever increasing number of users, there is no lack of live deale r versions and also the possibility to play from mobile, with many dedicated apps. William Hill is one of the best casinos for Baccarat, with plenty of tables and variations, especially live.

71⁄2 Live

One of the great classics that can’t be missed at holiday tables is the 7 and a half, which is a game very similar to BlackJack, but with a different score and a few more rules that add a touch of adrenaline and fun that is missing in 21.

Note that the other big difference is that typically Neapolitan cards are used, but you can also use the normal ones by removing the 8, 9 and 10 from the deck. For the rest, the rules are very simple and all you need to do is make 7.5 with your cards, but never go over. To make the game more involving there is the matta, which is a bit like a joker in this game and can take any value between a half point and whole points from 1 to 7.

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