Just as in every part of the world there are different traditions and customs, the ways of having fun are also different. The most obvious example is games of chance, which although they share similarities, there are some changes in the rules and mechanics that make participating in them a unique experience. 

Features of different lotteries

The lottery is one of those pastimes that people love because it is easy to understand. Over time each country or region found its own variant and way to enjoy it. The most common way when you have the opportunity to select six digits from a cardboard between zero and a number set by the contest. If the chosen ticket matches the final digits you will be the winner of the prize. 

If you have ever passed by a newsstand, the strip tickets are sure to catch your eye. In this modality the numbers are not chosen, but are predetermined and the winning ticket is announced in official media. The dynamic is carried out by a set date, either from one day to the next, one week or even by ephemeris, which is why there are the big Christmas or New Year’s Eve prizes.

The spheres spinning in a tombola is another image that people associate with the lottery. In some countries it is called Powerball and although it is similar to the first example in execution, the difference is that it is played with five white balls and one red ball. The objective is to match the first five numbers that match the white balls, but there will be a separate game with the red ball which if also matched will increase the amount of the reward. 

Live lottery is another category that should be mentioned. TV quiz shows modified the dynamics to give their participants the best chance of winning. The TV broadcasters adjusted the game lines without an exact order of numbers and the payout is equivalent to the digits that the viewer matches.

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular aspects of the lottery are the scratch cards that come in different presentations. Just rub a coin against a scratch card and the result is instantly revealed when you get figures or images in vertical, horizontal or transverse patterns. Prizes range from small amounts to valuable items such as household appliances or cars. 

Features of Internet lotteries

The internet lottery could not be left behind, as it has design elements or advantages that its traditional counterpart does not. Digital has all of the above categories with the addition of music, visual effects, graphics, trial tickets, online communities, and 24/7 interrupted play.

The vertical integrates live lottery, scratch cards, high-frequency lottery and Keno, a variation of an ancient Chinese lottery game with bingo. In addition, it takes advantage of all the goodness of the internet to provide unparalleled moments of fun. 

After all, the lottery is friendly to all players. In other words, it’s a toss-up and you just have to wait for fortune to have its way, as statistically anyone has a chance to be a winner. Choose the format you like best, trust your numbers, be surprised and have fun!

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